KD on Desertfm.com

I’m doing a special set for desertfm.com Wednesday night, the 14th of July. I believe the time is 8pm Mountain, which is 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific, and 3am UK time. Check their site tomorrow night for details. I’ve given out MP3 mixes online, but I’ve never been aired on any net-radio station til now, so it is a special 2 hour set. As is the norm for most of my sets, the music should be new to most people.

I also wrote up a special bio. I’ve made my feelings clear that most bios are boring and mundane, so I tried to make one fun to read. Check it out at their site, or I’ve duplicated it here if you want to just check it out here. You will hopefully not be disappointed.

I will make the set available on MP3 after it has aired.