XM Play

A friend tells me they think they heard Chris Fortier play one of the ‘America’ remixes on his XM show Friday night..  I don’t have XM myself, so I can’t confirm and haven’t talked to Chris in a few weeks, but if so, that’s very cool and cheers Chris!

The IIO remix is also around now, on promo vinyl and on Beatport ..  Of course, the Evolved mix seems to be the bigger selling mix on Beatport, which is probably to be expected..  Their mix is good in a standard sort of way – it’s mixable, throbby, and will fit a dj mix easily..  My mix is mixable, yet challenging for a dj to utilize to its full potential..  In other words, you don’t just throw it into any part of the mix – you’ve got to have a bit of a plan..  If it’s used correctly though, at the right time in the right place, it can be far more rewarding than just playing a steady stream of average tracks that are all easy to mix and easy to "understand".. 

Beatport seems down at the moment upgrading their site, but give a listen to the mix and buy it if you wanna support risk-taking in modern dance music..  I don’t make anything extra for the sale of the MP3 or vinyl, so I’m not pushing it for monetary gain – I’m pushing it to try and influence people with some different ideas..

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