McCain V. Republicans

Is McCain the only Republican with any sense?  He has condemned the current ad that attacks Kerry’s war record and has asked the White House to condemn it as well (they declined). Recently I’ve wondered something about the way the campaigns are going. From my point of view the Republicans seem to realize nothing they can do will make Bush … Read More Mix

I did an hour-long mix for Samer from Pangea for him to play on his show. In case you missed it here’s a link for download. (Right click and select ‘Save As’) I usually put the tracklisting in the ID3 tags (in the ‘Comments’ field), but in case you want to figure out whether you’re interested, here it is: … Read More Mix

Here’s the mix I did for, one that I like quite a bit.  Truly a lot of stuff many or most haven’t heard, and it’s two full hours, so it really has a lot of development and an interesting ebb and flow. To grab it, right click here and select "save as". Here’s the tracklisting which is also contained … Read More

KD on

I’m doing a special set for Wednesday night, the 14th of July. I believe the time is 8pm Mountain, which is 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific, and 3am UK time. Check their site tomorrow night for details. I’ve given out MP3 mixes online, but I’ve never been aired on any net-radio station til now, so it is a special 2 … Read More

Global DJ Broadcast

Sasha used ‘Snake’ for his Global DJ Broadcast set a couple weeks back.  Very nice mix overall – I wasn’t aware that he was playing it, but since he used it on the radio show, I would assume he’s playing it out live.  So if you see him on his Involver tour, maybe you’ll hear it live.  You can also … Read More

Bio (or Manifesto?)

Bio/Propaganda: There’s very few things I dislike more than promoting myself or writing “third-person” style bios for myself. I mean, very few people in the underground music scene have full-on publicity people, yet everyone’s bio seems to say, “DJ Blah Blah is such and such” when it is actually “DJ Blah Blah” who is writing the bio themself. And let’s … Read More

New Mix

Meant to post this a couple weeks back but never got around to it. New mix ready for checking. As I usually try to do, no specific genres are adhered to, just music that is good, fits together, and makes sense as part of the big picture. A few of the last mixes have been more listening-inspired mixes – that … Read More


For bookings, email .. In most cases, when considering bookings I’ll be more interested in the quality of the event rather than the amount of money you can pay. (In other words, I’m much more interested in playing a very good event for little money rather than a totally crap event for a lot of money.) If you are … Read More

Production/Release Update

Tons of stuff in the works right now. Just finished a cheeky little bootleg that’s getting a lot of attention but I don’t want to go into details until it’s officially out. Hardware played it last week in Miami at NV and it was one of the big tracks of the night though – more details soon. Currently finishing up … Read More

Krome Ave Remix Out Now

Kelly D remix of Krome Avenue’s Gazza Strip caned by a bunch of the A-list DJs including Chris Fortier.  For those who like trivia one of the most famous buildings on Krome Avenue in South Miami is the “detention center” that houses illegal aliens, etc.