How Your Library May Not Be Using Twitter But Should

I’ve been doing some workshops recently on social networking (especially Twitter) for our library system and thought I would collect some of this information here because I usually can’t cover everything I would like and it may also be useful information for other libraries. Background Plenty has been said about the banality of many Twitter messages. Enough of you probably … Read More

Classic MP3 Mix

Adam Singer and I were recently chatting about a mix I did a while back – we generally agreed that it was probably the best mix I ever released on the net and still sounds good today. I thought I’d make it available again. I will see if I can dig up a tracklisting for it. It is two hours … Read More

Libraries and the Web

Image via Wikipedia A lot of you guys may know I’ve been with the Palm Beach County Library System for a while now working on some new technologies for the system. I may occasionally use this blog to discuss some things I’ve learned that may help others, or may light a new path that some might not have envisioned. Briefly, … Read More


So I hear the entire Pure Music Recordings catalog is now on iTunes. Very cool. I’m not necessarily suggesting people go back and buy my previous music because much dance music is such a fleeting, transient thing but it’s cool to have stuff on there.