Doing the Limbo in Purgatory

Still in limbo on a lot of fronts, e.g. musical work, website mischief, etc.  I decided to let the domain lapse because I simply didn’t have time for it at the moment.  I still think it’s a stellar idea, so perhaps some day it will again be a possibility, but there’s just too many other things (that are admittedly less fun) that take a higher priority right now.

Working 40 or more hours a week is a chunk of time, but on top of that I’m trying to work toward an MFA in Creative Writing (and have a loong way to go) so only time will tell if I get a chance to put anything together musically and/or website related.

I have been listening to a lot of music lately, but the dancier stuff still often leaves me flat.  Much of what I’m enjoying is fairly commercial in nature, but still quite good.  Rediscovering Portishead a bit with their new upcoming third album soon, which I have heard, and perhaps I’ll post about it soon.  Also listening to a lot of Marsmobil who I think are fantastic.  And, as always, much Ulrich Schnauss.

Until next time.. ..  ..