38 Day Anniversary Party

Party - January 24.

While we very much hope no one comes, if some should endeavor to show up we hope you will keep these things in mind:

  • The party will feature none of the bands on the flyer. If some should show up, we will not be held responsible.
  • We don’t know exactly when this event will start but it will likely be a rolling party that will peak between 9 and 11pm. Some will arrive early, some will arrive late. If you are an “early” arriver, we would suggest around 7pm. If you wish to be fashionably late, we suggest around 9pm.
  • Parking is available but not in overabundance. Arrive by carpool, or, if possible, parachute.
  • While some alcohol will be provided, the amount per person will depend on how many people show up. If possible, encourage your friends to stay home so there is more to drink for everyone else. Failing that, bring something you like to drink to supplement the officially-sanctioned provisions.
  • Likewise, some food will be provided but you may want to eat something before coming because we don’t know how long it will last. Some of our friends are big fans of free food and we support them in this tendency.
  • Dress-code will be what we call “island casual”.  In essence, this means you should preferably be dressed in at least a shirt and shorts. If you can only wear one of the aforementioned, we would prefer shorts.
  • The party will likely be primarily outdoors in a covered area. It could be somewhat chilly. Or at least what Floridians and Trinis call chilly. Which means, not very.
  • If you choose to bring a gift, which we do not encourage, do not bring dishes. In fact, we may force people to take dishes with them when they leave.

If you want a google map to the location, click here.

If you prefer old-fashioned directions given to you from a human:

(For some reason I originally posted the correct turn was the 3rd stop sign – it should have read the 2nd one. The street is 17th Ave N.)

  1. Take I-95 to 10th ave. N exit and go east (toward the ocean!).
  2. Turn left at A Street which is the first light after the I-95 area.
  3. Turn left at the 2nd stop sign. (at 17th Ave. N.)
  4. Pass under the I-95 overpass and the location is the northwest corner of the first intersection: 1818 17th ave. N.