Drupal & Twitter Update

Hi guys! Thanks for the comments and interest on the first Twitter article. I’m planning to write more at some point, but I’m balancing my creative writing and creating the new Drupal site for pbclibrary.org as well. So I may be an example of a bad tweeter on the @pbclibrary account for a while.

I think the next article will probably be about some of the tools you can use to get more out of Twitter. Many people already use them, but it might be a good starting point for some. I’ve also been brainstorming some ideas about possible future uses of Twitter, maybe even some bleeding edge theoretical stuff. (Hint: I don’t know if Twitter will exist in its current form in 10 years. I *do* think we’re on a collision course for data interaction like what Charles Stross fictionalizes in Accelerando. Keep in mind, I stress *in its current form*. Something will certainly exist that will be some sort of evolution of RSS/Twitter/Facebook/Friendfeed/etc. where everything continues to meld together into one stream. With the addition of social aspects, Google Reader is certainly walking down that path.)

I also may write more about the Drupal development. There is a lot of info on Drupal online (for anyone interested), and even a lot of library specific stuff. But a sort of “case study” may help some, especially since we’re doing this as a one-person job (me!) and it is a conversion of a massive behemoth of a site with somewhere around a thousand static HTML pages.

In the meantime, enjoy some music that keeps me going when working on regular expression queries for four hours in a row.


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