(You Wouldn't) Dare

Coming up as the uploading finishes, my first publicly released dj-mix in roughly 8 months.

I will post download links as they become available.  Cheers.

Update: Here’s all three parts.  Right-click and select "save as"…

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


One Comment on “(You Wouldn't) Dare”

  1. I’m about halfway through part 2 now. It is an interesting mix for sure. I think I like it though. I like some of the vocals and spoken word snips you put in.
    I was also curious if you had a tracklist for it?

    I’m particularly interested in the track around > 30:00-40:00 in Part 2?

    I’ll keep listening and should hit back later with a full feeling on the mix.

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