(Don't) Dare

The site where I was hosting the ‘dare’ mixes might be down so I’ll have to make it available on a different server as soon as I can. I’ll post when I’ve got it up. I’ll probably make it available as a torrent as well. In the meantime, sit tight..

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  1. Hi Kelly, I was looking for this recently. All I could remember of the mix was that it had Kleptones – The Question in it, nothing else. Eventually found it trawling through my collection. Anyway, the 4 hour Dare mix is a cracking one & you should bung it back on the Web!
    All the best man.

    1. Cool! Yeah, this mix has actually floated around the net a bit. We didn’t have a real good way to share mixes like this back when I recorded this, but now there are several ways, so I uploaded this (in three parts) to mixcloud. It took a bit of work to piece together the tracklisting – I’ve got the artists although not all the track names. It’s at my mixcloud page here: http://www.mixcloud.com/davidallenkelly/. I may put up some other mixes because most of the other mixes I have tracklistings already.

      1. Great stuff 🙂 it’s the only mix of yours I’ve heard, so would love to catch some of your others when you have time – particularly the desertfm mix which you reckoned was your best.
        Thanks man 🙂

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