Global DJ Broadcast

Sasha used ‘Snake’ for his Global DJ Broadcast set a couple weeks back.  Very nice mix overall – I wasn’t aware that he was playing it, but since he used it on the radio show, I would assume he’s playing it out live.  So if you see him on his Involver tour, maybe you’ll hear it live.  You can also probably grab the full MP3 of his Global DJ Broadcast set at Djmixes2k.  If you have bittorrent, and head to their bittorrent forums, there should be a link to grab the mix there.

It’s very cool to get so much play from a track that was actually composed about 2.5 years ago.  Admittedly, it was only just recently released, but it shows I’m thinking a bit ahead of the curve musically.  Times have been very slow on the composition front, but a few things should be completed soon, with the same commitment to forward thinking.