Production/Release Update

Tons of stuff in the works right now. Just finished a cheeky little bootleg that’s getting a lot of attention but I don’t want to go into details until it’s officially out. Hardware played it last week in Miami at NV and it was one of the big tracks of the night though – more details soon. Currently finishing up another little bootleg as well which will come out with a mix from Gene Carbonell on the opposite side.

Also still in production: remix of Shawn Astrom’s ‘Fatale’, remix of Austin Leeds’ ‘Yellowtail’, co-producing a track with Hardware for the ‘Hardware & Kelly D Present Metafakt’ EP, and now one of the biggest yet, remixing Kobbe & Nitro’s ‘America’ for a new US release of the legendary track. (“I wanna hear an American Poem!”)

Not to mention the classic ‘Snake’ is now released on upfront white label, and available from many of the main upfront shops: Essential Groove, Plastic Fantastic,, 3 Beat, & Tune Inn. I’m surprised it’s getting so much attention because it was originally produced quite a while ago, but with trancey/melodic progressive (Porter, Panoptic, Dekay, etc) being one of the big sounds of ’03, we thought we’d finally make it available with a brand new Astrom mix.