“It’s Your Fault”

From author John Shirley’s site

If you just accepted Diebolt’s rigged voting machines, then it’s your fault we’re heading into an Ashcroftian  fascist state.

If you –like too many people in New Mexico–just accepted the Republicans’ blocking of the registration of Hispanic voters, widely reported in NM, then it’s your fault that the poor will be increasingly enslaved and disenfranchised in the next four years.

If you just shrugged and let the election happen, it’s your fault we’re going to choke on environmental toxins in the next four years.

If you’re in Big Media and you’re pretending that nothing sketchy, nothing shady went on in this Presidential race… if you turned your back on the evidence–if you ignored the ACLU lawsuits, if you didn’t report, on CNN and Fox and NBC and ABC and CBS on the evidence of voter fraud by the Republicans in Florida and Ohio, thus giving no support to calls to investigate–then it’s your fault, too, that we’re going to lose thousands more American soldiers in an incompetently run war in Iraq, and it’s your fault that tens of thousands of civilians will die in the crossfire.

If you voted for Ralph Nader, it’s your fault that the minimum wage will not pass, and that OSHA safety standards will deteriorate for American workers; it’s your fault, ironically, that automobile companies will not be held to safer standards in manufacture, and more people will die in accidents; it’s your fault the forests will be clear cut and the parks will turn into oil fields.

If you didn’t push for Kerry then it’s your fault that the wealthy will get tax breaks while the Middle Class pays more; it’s your fault that multinational corporations will get tax loopholes, and it’s your fault we’ll be stuck paying high prices for oil because there’s no real effort for an energy alternative; and it’s your fault that gays and women will be disempowered.

If you voted for George Bush then it’s your own fault  you don’t have health care; it’s your own fault global warming continues unabated, wrecking the world for your grandchildren; it’s your own fault that terrorism will only get worse, because Bush will feed those fires; it’s your fault that a fanatic religious cult will finish taking over the White House; it’s your own fault that you’re going to lose your civil liberties.

And you will get the theocracy, the thinly-disguisted dictatorship, the poisoned environment, that you deserve.

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