WordPress for iphone

Just downloaded the wordpress app from the iPhone app store and trying it out. Fairly simple in options so far but I’m sure it’ll be developed into something more fully featured. Perhaps I’ll be able to post more now!

Who Is Jacques?

Jacques, the saucy feline below has come to join me in my new position as web designer for the Palm Beach County Library System.  For those that didn’t know or perhaps know me through the music business I’ve been working for PBCLS for close to two years now, but was just promoted to lead the entire site re-design and re-launch …


For those that are using twitter, feel free to follow me at http://www.twitter.com/kellydallen .. I’m probably going to take the plunge and start using it occasionally ..

Doing the Limbo in Purgatory

Still in limbo on a lot of fronts, e.g. musical work, website mischief, etc.  I decided to let the whenaissance.com domain lapse because I simply didn’t have time for it at the moment.  I still think it’s a stellar idea, so perhaps some day it will again be a possibility, but there’s just too many other things (that are admittedly …

The Periodic “I’m Still Here” Post

Yes.  Still Here.  Still resisting the temptation to unleash my abilities in the service of good, bad, or both at the same time (no, I’m not bisexual – this is all theoretical). Perhaps at some point.  Or at no point.  Or at a continuum of points. Or perhaps a combination of the three. But I’m still here. -kd


Apparently Undergroove is off.  I don’t know the details, but it looks like it’s just not happening. EDIT: Apparently Undergroove is back *on* again, but I can’t do it because it’s too short notice for me to shift gears again.  Hopefully they’ll have me back again in the next month or so.

Underground Nistro

Okay, so I’ve decided to end my long self-imposed DJing exile by doing a set at Underground Nistro in downtown West Palm Beach.  It’ll be May 4th, which is a Friday.  This is the Friday of Sunfest and the venue is basically right there in the same area. It’ll be a 100% laptop set.  I am unpredictable and unique.  I …


i have been quiet i know. but here’s a little something.


Link: Bruce Wilcox