Nadia Ali/Runaway

Check out Nadia Ali’s new site (from iiO) with some exceptional backing music, if I do say so myself. 😉 I’m currently working on an edit version of my mix of ‘Runaway’ for them to use in live shows. It’ll be just a pared down version of the regular mix, but I’m going to try and put in a couple …

Mixes by E-Mule

For those that use the E-Mule filesharing system (a swarming p2p system similar in some ways to Bittorrent), here’s some links to the ‘Dare’ mixes: Part 1Part 2Part 3 And, while I’m at it, here’s every other DJ mix, past and present, available thru E-Mule: kelly-d_-_live_mix_february_2004.mp3 kelly_d-aug_09_2003.mp3 kelly d-10-19-2003.mp3 kelly_dallen_-_live_mix_desertfm.com_07-14-04.mp3 kelly-d-promo-mix-august-03.mp3 kelly d @ funktion nightclub new haven_05-24-2003.mp3 kelly-dallen_-_eccentricbeats.com.mp3 01_kelly_d_-_denver_mar_29_2003.mp3 …


(Don’t) Dare

The site where I was hosting the ‘dare’ mixes might be down so I’ll have to make it available on a different server as soon as I can. I’ll post when I’ve got it up. I’ll probably make it available as a torrent as well. In the meantime, sit tight..

dare: the artists

here’s a brief listing of the artists included in the ‘dare’ mix: wolfram spyra, the kleptones, massive attack, global communication, speedy j, frou frou, gravenhurst, the bravery, rjd2, steve bug (remixed by richie hawtin), john tejada, i’m not a gun, silicone soul, d’julz, destillat, kraftwerk, the mfa (remixed by superpitcher), d. diggler, jake fairley, blackstrobe, sterac electronics, sumantri, girl nobody, …


(You Wouldn’t) Dare

Coming up as the uploading finishes, my first publicly released dj-mix in roughly 8 months. I will post download links as they become available.  Cheers. Update: Here’s all three parts.  Right-click and select "save as"… Part 1Part 2Part 3


4 Hours, No Filler

Currently finishing up a 4 hour (yes, that’s not a typo) mix that I’ll make available as soon as I’m convinced nothing like it has ever been done before, and anyone listens to it will immediately fall to their knees weeping tears of happiness, possibly dying in the process.  Something like a musical version of ‘The Ring’ except no creepy …

Fortier’s Balance Compilation

Link: RA: Resident Advisor – Chris Fortier’s 007 weapons unvieled – Music News. I haven’t talked to Chris Fortier in a bit, and I knew he was considering using the ‘America’ remix on a compilation, but the above link to Resident Advisor seems to confirm it. Major thanks to Chris – be sure and pick up the CD.  According to …

MEng project: lil2

An intelligent MIDI sequencer was designed with hamster control. The MIDI sequencer intelligently produced melodies by manipulating the musical elements of rhythm and note-choice. Guided by inputs based on hamster movements, Markov chains were used to perform such   beat and note computations. Link: MEng project: lil2.

America Graphic Design

Oh, and just another quick look at the Kobbe & Nitro graphic design that I so gloriously designed myself (click picture for full size):

Releases Imminent

Been a while since I posted so I thought I’d throw up a quick word that the Iio and Kobbe & Nitro remix releases are imminent.  It’s unreal to me (but in a good way) that the release getting the most interest and generating the most excitement is the free remix I released on this site just prior to the …