XM Play

A friend tells me they think they heard Chris Fortier play one of the ‘America’ remixes on his XM show Friday night..  I don’t have XM myself, so I can’t confirm and haven’t talked to Chris in a few weeks, but if so, that’s very cool and cheers Chris! The IIO remix is also around now, on promo vinyl and …

Inaction In Action

Lack of action on the web and music front obviously.  It’s a combination of things for which I half-heartedly apologize with great fervor. A brief synapsis of life, lack of, and otherwise: Work – Some may know I did web design for essentialgroove.com for the past couple years.  Well, essential shut down October 1st, 2004.  They had told me they …


Another Multiheaded Monstrous Corporation Bites the Hand

Jason Kottke (of kottke.org) is apparently being strongarmed by faceless but monstrous corporation Sony over his leak about Ken Jennings’ loss on Jeopardy Tuesday. Perhaps this should not come as that big a surprise coming from a company so integral to the RIAA, but this goes even farther than that.  Kottke doesn’t have a whole lot of details on his …

America Sticker

This is the graphic design of the sticker I did for the cover of the "America 2005" release.  It shouldn’t be too much longer before that one is out.  I used the Thomas Jefferson quote at the bottom of the sticker – I think clicking on the image should bring it up full-size so it can be read.



I’ve been using del.icio.us a ton lately.  It’s one of those things that is easier to show than describe, but in short, it’s a community bookmarking system that features tagging in a Gmail-style way (meaning you can have a bookmark that falls under multiple classifications). If their site can handle the bandwidth I think it’s really going to be huge. …

Communication Skills

Zefrank helps tighten up your e-mail communication skills. 🙂  (Bite me, jackass.)

The Mosh Continues

From the Guerrilla News Network & Eminem, Mosh gets a new ending.

McSweeney’s Drops “My DJ”

Nobody can get literary on DJ culture like McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. An excerpt: My DJ lays down some real hardcore shit while the doctor tells me the lump on my left testicle is just a benign cyst. [….] The doctor gives me a little plastic card to hang in my shower that shows me how to check for lumps. Motherfucker …

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Quite possibly the greatest Strongbad ever.  (except the inimitable Trogdor the Burninator) Very Yes.