Apparently Undergroove is off.  I don’t know the details, but it looks like it’s just not happening. EDIT: Apparently Undergroove is back *on* again, but I can’t do it because it’s too short notice for me to shift gears again.  Hopefully they’ll have me back again in the next month or so.

Underground Nistro

Okay, so I’ve decided to end my long self-imposed DJing exile by doing a set at Underground Nistro in downtown West Palm Beach.  It’ll be May 4th, which is a Friday.  This is the Friday of Sunfest and the venue is basically right there in the same area. It’ll be a 100% laptop set.  I am unpredictable and unique.  I … Read More


For bookings, email booking@kellydallen.com .. In most cases, when considering bookings I’ll be more interested in the quality of the event rather than the amount of money you can pay. (In other words, I’m much more interested in playing a very good event for little money rather than a totally crap event for a lot of money.) If you are … Read More