Libraries, the Singularity & You

The following is a post I recently wrote for our staff newsletter thingamajig. It isn’t supposed to be ultra-techy but just introduce some emerging technologies to people that aren’t regularly exposed to such things. When I was growing up in the 1980’s I was a fan of a lot of the same things as any South Florida guy: the Miami … Read More

Drupal & Twitter Update

Hi guys! Thanks for the comments and interest on the first Twitter article. I’m planning to write more at some point, but I’m balancing my creative writing and creating the new Drupal site for as well. So I may be an example of a bad tweeter on the @pbclibrary account for a while. I think the next article will … Read More

Image via CrunchBase I’ve been using this service lately.  It’s a little like a cross between twitter and internet radio but it becomes increasingly addictive as you make more friends and everything starts integrating.  Highly suggested! Become one of my listeners here. (Which is the same thing as “following” in Twitterspeak or “friending” in other social services.) I actually … Read More

38 Day Anniversary Party

While we very much hope no one comes, if some should endeavor to show up we hope you will keep these things in mind: The party will feature none of the bands on the flyer. If some should show up, we will not be held responsible. We don’t know exactly when this event will start but it will likely be … Read More

WordPress for iphone

Just downloaded the wordpress app from the iPhone app store and trying it out. Fairly simple in options so far but I’m sure it’ll be developed into something more fully featured. Perhaps I’ll be able to post more now!


For those that are using twitter, feel free to follow me at .. I’m probably going to take the plunge and start using it occasionally ..

Doing the Limbo in Purgatory

Still in limbo on a lot of fronts, e.g. musical work, website mischief, etc.  I decided to let the domain lapse because I simply didn’t have time for it at the moment.  I still think it’s a stellar idea, so perhaps some day it will again be a possibility, but there’s just too many other things (that are admittedly … Read More

The Periodic “I’m Still Here” Post

Yes.  Still Here.  Still resisting the temptation to unleash my abilities in the service of good, bad, or both at the same time (no, I’m not bisexual – this is all theoretical). Perhaps at some point.  Or at no point.  Or at a continuum of points. Or perhaps a combination of the three. But I’m still here. -kd